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Tier One Hugger

I confess. I’m a HUGGER! I LOVE to give hugs! That might not be the “manliest” thing for a guy to admit but admitting it might just be that much more manly (hey, I can be an optimist!). And I’m … Continue reading

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Tired of ANTI

How about this? I propose that starting today, we all assume that we’re all ANTI-everything that’s bad. Aren’t you getting tired of having to wear a badge or post a photo or dump water over your head to prove that … Continue reading

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Happiness and Fun!!!

I really like this article on having FUN while playing guitar! http://www.guitarworld.com/gas-man-joy-being-hack-guitarist I am going to take this opportunity to share a thought or two…thanks for indulging me. Happiness and fun are wonderful priorities for us to keep at the … Continue reading

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