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Flamenco dancing is good exercise!

Hey, if Lance Armstrong’s LiveStrong website has an article about it, then I would be willing to bet it’s probably true. It doesn’t take a huge amount of genius however to figure out that if you exert yourself more than … Continue reading

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Levanto Review on Minor 7th.com

Minor7th.com has just posted a wonderful review of my newest album, “LEVANTO”. “…’Levanto’ is a fine example of a guitarist successfully composing, arranging and performing music for the stage.” © Patrick Ragains – http://www.minor7th.com HUGE ¡Olé!, CBJ http://www.CBJFlamenco.com

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Orale LEVANTO Review!

I always see those magazines in the racks when I’m waiting at the check out line…what’s happening with J-Lo, Avril Lavigne, Beyonce and the like….now I’m IN one of those magazines. CRAZY! Check out page 41 in “Orale”…a Spanish Language … Continue reading

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My new CD, LEVANTO, just got another review…this time from Express Milwaukee…. CLICK HERE to check it out. Ole! CBJ

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Coming to Bisbee!

Next weekend Lena, Martin, Olivia and I will be visiting where I like to call…”Bisbee-Land”. It really is a magical place that you get to (at least from the Tucson side) by going through a tunnel through the mountain. It’s … Continue reading

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