For Arizona-born guitarist Chris Burton Jacome it’s all about flamenco, a style in favor of which he cast aside the rock and roll aspirations of his youth. He took up residence in Spain, determined to learn flamenco inside and out. How thoroughly he absorbed his lessons is evident on Levanto, which is comprised of the music Jacome wrote for “Calo Flamenco,” a touring show staged by Martin Gaxiola, another flamenco-loving American.

You don’t get the visuals of the show on the CD, of course, but the infectiously striking music is by turns thrilling, whimsical and melancholy, treading a tricky path between tradition and innovation. Jacome’s deftly precise guitar leads a small combo of violin, bass and percussion through original compositions in which the sounds of clapping hands and dancing feet are true musical instruments as well.

There are songs where split-second rhythmic timing is obviously of the essence, and Jacome navigates them as assuredly as he brings an aching, longing feel to the more sparse and stark passages. Levanto is fabulous flamenco that can stand alongside any created in Spain or by those inspired beyond its borders.  World Music Central

“Levanto” es un trabajo penetrante, provisto de buenas cantoras de flamenco, como Chayito Champion, Olivia Rojas, y Vanessa López, las cuales, además de la guitarra de Burton Jácome, tienen el respaldo poderoso de bajo, percución, violín y las tan necesarias palmas. …con mucha pasión y sentimiento …El flamenco nunca sonó mejor. Herencia Latina

“Powerful in some places and breath taking in others, Levanto certainly feels like an ascension process. 
And even though I’m listening to American flamenco, those sizzling gypsy roots are showing. Ole!”  The Whole Music Experience

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