Happiness and Fun!!!

I really like this article on having FUN while playing guitar!

I am going to take this opportunity to share a thought or two…thanks for indulging me.

Happiness and fun are wonderful priorities for us to keep at the top of our list for sure. But sometimes to reach goals, to move forward or to grow as a person we must be willing to forgo present fun/happiness so that we can improve our lives for a better future. It’s a risk. But the reward can be worth it.

When I was a child and had a hip disease, I did not want to sleep with my brace on. It was uncomfortable (painful at times) and it seemed as if the brace wasn’t “doing anything” while I slept anyway. My parents, God bless them, patiently insisted that I not take the brace off. Night after night. Week after week. Month after month. Year after year. The emotional strain this caused them must have been very challenging and I can tell you that I was NOT happy and NOT having fun at all (and I was not afraid to share that fact with my parents).

Brace and crutches

But, that un-waivering, loving choice my parents made each night to remind me to not to take off my brace, helped my hips heal faster and more completely than most children afflicted with that disease.

So, Happiness and Fun are fantastic priorities to have in our lives but we must seek the maturity and the foresight to see what outcome our present happiness and fun might have for our future. Sometimes choosing a little unhappiness now can result in a lifetime of improved quality of life.

Here’s to all of us having the foresight to see what our decisions today will make of our tomorrows.


Chris B. Jácome – Flamenco Guitarist


About Chris B. Jácome (CBJ Music)

Chris B. Jácome is a Flamenco Guitarist & Composer. In between concerts and tours as Artistic Director for Jácome Flamenco, he enjoys training in his top secret flamenco ninja lair. 1. Yes, the flamenco ninja lair is awesome! 2. You will know when you're invited.
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