CBJ’s Christmas Album on the Radio…

This Sunday, Dec. 19th 2010, at 1:00pm (PST or as I refer to it: California Time)…if you have a chance to listen to internet radio and want to hear some great Guitar Christmas tunes, check out KCBX.org. They are the NPR affiliate for greater San Luis Obispo area. Every Sunday afternoon they have a program called, “La Guitarra“, that features guitar music from around the world. This Sunday, the program will play all types of Christmas tunes from fabulous guitarists, and apparently, songs from my Christmas album, “It’s a Flamenco Guitar Christmas” will be featured on the program!

CBJ Christmas CD Cover

Once again, the program is from 1:00-2:00pm (California Time;>), on Sunday December 19th, 2010.

Here’s the link to listen in: http://www.kcbx.org/Pages/Programming/listen_live.html

Happy Holidays!



About Chris B. Jácome (CBJ Music)

Chris B. Jácome is a Flamenco Guitarist & Composer. In between concerts and tours as Artistic Director for Jácome Flamenco, he enjoys training in his top secret flamenco ninja lair. 1. Yes, the flamenco ninja lair is awesome! 2. You will know when you're invited.
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