South Dakota

For the last weekend of Feb. and into the beginning of March, Lena and I had the good fortune to go to Rapid City, SD. We had a wonderful time! I played in several concerts entitled, "Guitar Masters" at the Dahl Center for the Arts with 4 other amazing guitarists. I learned a LOT and it was an honor sharing the stage with all of them.

Lena and I both were able to teach workshops and perform a concert as well. We had AMAZING students and we culminated their workshop experience by incorporating them in our performance! That’s right, after only 3-4 days of workshops, our students were brave enough to get up on stage and perform! We were blessed with an amazing group!

Look at all my guitar students!
Photobucket And here are Pete and Chris, so happy to be accompanying flamenco dance for the first time in their lives! (That’s Lena with her student, Wiyaca…dancing flamenco on stage for the first time in her life!) Photobucket

(these photos are courtesy of my uncle, Richard Jacome)…here i am with him in Custer State Park…

After our concerts, Lena and I were able to see the sights all around Rapid City. My uncle took us to Custer State Park, where we were able to see LOTS of wildlife such as: Buffalo, Antelope, Wild Turkeys, White-Tailed Deer and lots of other fun animals such as prairie dogs!
Here’s a close up of a buffalo for you!
We also went to Mt. Rushmore (wow! what an inspiring work!) Here’s Lena, all inspired!
On our last day we took a drive to an amazing live paleontological site called Mammoth Site. It’s still being excavated and it’s a phenomenally impressive place to see. Over 50 mammoth’s fossils have been found there and they’ve only scratched the surface. Here are some photos for you…
This is a Mammoth cut-out…no live mammoths any more, silly!
Here’s Lena with a life-size replica of the Colombian Mammoth.

We got to meet a lot of wonderful new people throughout our stay in Rapid City, SD and we are SOOOOO looking forward to returning and being able to see everyone again. Here are some pictures we took with our dear friend Bob Fahey (Oh, and he’s an EXCEPTIONAL guitarist!).
Thanks so much Rapid City!!!
Ole! from Chris & Lena!!

About Chris B. Jácome (CBJ Music)

Chris B. Jácome is a Flamenco Guitarist & Composer. In between concerts and tours as Artistic Director for Jácome Flamenco, he enjoys training in his top secret flamenco ninja lair. 1. Yes, the flamenco ninja lair is awesome! 2. You will know when you're invited.
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